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July 14th, 2006

A couple days ago I made an encosure for the interface circuit. Over the past couple days I've been working on getting the reverse circuit to work, and today I soldered it and built an enclosure for it. This circuit's job is to prevent the car from being switched from drive to reverse or from reverse to drive while the car is in motion. If the reverse switch is switched to reverse while the car is driving, the green drive light turns off and the red illuminated reverse switch blinks on and off until either it is put back in the drive position or the car comes to a full stop. It works the same for going in drive from reverse. The circuit can tell if the car is moving by checking for a current accross the motor terminals. This board has 18 components per square inch and 72% of the perf holes are used.

There is a picture at http://www.craterfish.org/teamprodigies?pictures?2006/Jul

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