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June 22nd, 2006

I redesigned the H-Bridge circuit. The new design is much simpler, and hopefully won't melt any more MOSFETs. I put a circuit schematic on the progress page at http://www.craterfish.org/teamprodigies/?pictures?2006/Jun. Since that voltage doubler circuit melted too, I'll have to redesign that.. and I'm realizing that the new design will have to be capable of powering a load that draws more current than just MOSFETs - in the H-Bridge circuit I designed the 24V source has to power some of the logic circuitry also. I also realized that the current draw of the last circuit was limited by a 1k resistor, so at 24V that would be a max of 24 mA. There was also a voltage drop accross the 1k resistor whenever the circuit was powering a load, which caused some problems.

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