18 Jun 2006 Nic   » (Master)

June 18th, 2006

I tested a charge pump circuit I designed and built yesterday. It worked great on one MOSFET, although I will have to perform additional tests, as I'm planning on using it to drive eight MOSFETs - all the high sides of the four H-bridge circuits. Yesterday I did a lot of research into H- bridge circuits and designed my own. I think I will have to make a slight modification to accomadate regenerative braking, however. I also didn't realize that I would need a charge pump or "voltage doubler" until yesterday, but once I thought about it it made sense - if I want the full 12V accross the motor and I'm using N-channel MOSFETs to drive the high end, it follows that they will need a gate voltage higher than 12V by several volts, as the gate-source voltage has to be at least 3V, and the source is already at +12V.

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