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May 21st, 2006

The replacement part for the gearbox came in the mail today. I replaced the broken part and tested it out with one of the motors and it ran great! I've been doing some RentACoder.com work so when I get payed at the end of the month I'll be able to buy the parts for the other three gearboxes and build a test chassis out of 2x4's to make sure all my concepts work before spending too much on an idea that is doomed to fail.

Yesterday I went to Home Depot and bought a couple 2x4's for the test chassis, some tubing for the drivetrain, and a can of hardening foam to test another of my ideas. The idea was to use solid wheels instead of air-filled tires. The only reason I can think of to have air is to give the tire some resiliance, letting it conform to the ground and thereby provide more traction for the vehicle. As my car will be much lighter than a standard vehicle, I don't think it will need as much traction.

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