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May 9th, 2006

The four motors that will drive the vehicle arrived today. It cost me $105.50 for all four motors, including shipping. They are 12V motors which come with 46:1 gearboxes attatched, but the gearboxes are easily removable. I will replace the current gearboxes with my own custom-designed and built transmissions, which I would describe in detail here, except that I believe it is a revolutionary design that nobody has come up with before, and I haven't patented it. I'll just say that it is a small in-line continuously- variable transmission, which goes from a gear ratio of 16:1 to 1:1. I built one of these transmissions already, but a part broke and I am waiting for a replacement.

Maybe the new vehicle should have a new name, other than The Xpeditor. I will have to give this possibility further consideration. Send me an email if you have a suggestion!

Check out the progress page on http://www.craterfish.org/teamprodigies for a picture of the motors.

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