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April 14th, 2005

Planning on testing the waypoint following again and then teaching X some obstacle avoidance, I took it out to my dad's friend Baird's field, but I immediately encountered a problem - the engine wouldn't start. Besides this, it started raining very hard. I have to water-proof the robot - it may be raining during the site visit and it has to be able to drive anyway. I took the robot to a auto shop, but they didn't know what was wrong with it. They checked the spark plug and it worked, and then sprayed some starter fluid in the combustion chamber and tried starting it and it worked a little, but according to the man at our next stop this was a very stupid thing to do and it will burn the oil off the sides of the cylinder and then the piston will scratch it. At our next stop, a lawn-mower repair shop, we got a new spark plug and it worked perfectly. The guy there said the problem was that the engine was flooded and it damaged the spark plug. I think it became flooded when I left it sitting in my garage for several weeks and I forgot to turn the fuel cut-off on.

I guess I'll start working on waterproofing it since there's nothing I can do in the rain.

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