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February 10th, 2007

A week or so ago I welded the frame of the back of the car, as you can see in the picture (the I-shaped structure next to the identical front of the car). The ends of the "I" - which the A-Arms connect to, had bent inwards when they had been welded to, decreasing the distance by almost a quarter of an inch on each of the four corners. I fixed this in the only way I could think of, pounding them as hard as I could with a monkey wrench. I then ground down the metal that rotates with the A-Arms (and fits between the ends of the I) to fit just right. I also went to Home Depot to get some more tubing for bushings, and some more supplies. I got new pins for the axles, but they did not fit, and neither Home Depot nor NAPA Auto Supplies had the nylon washers or ratchet adapters I needed.

20 Jan 2007 (updated 13 Aug 2009 at 18:19 UTC) »
January 19th, 2007

I went to Home Debot and bought some 3/8" round steel bar for the axles of the car. I cut two 7" lengths, put some u- joints on them, drilled them, and put pins through them.

For a picture go to http://www.craterfish.org/teamprodigies?pictures?2007/Jan.

January 8th, 2007

After removing the motors I sprayed the mounts with rust off.

7 Jan 2007 (updated 13 Aug 2009 at 18:19 UTC) »
January 6th, 2007

After waking up at 3PM I cut the mounts for the two front motors and welded them onto the frame. I also bought all the carrier bolts, lock washers, and nuts that I need and put them in. I bought Home Depot out of 3/8" nylon washers, and I think I'll have to do so a couple more times before I have enough. I put bearing grease on the bolts/washers that I put in so everything pivots smoothly. I still need to spray the Ace Rust Stop on the new metal.

Go to http://www.craterfish.org/teamprodigies?pictures?2007/Jan to see a picture!

October 26th, 2006

Over the weekend I bought some nylon hosing from Home Depot with a 5/8" outer diameter and a 3/8" inner diameter. This fits perfectly inside the 3/4" tubing, and the 3/8" bolts fit perfectly inside the tubing, so it acts as bushings for the A-Arm pivots. I'll add some bearing greese and I should be good to go.

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October 10th, 2006

While in the garage I looked at the month-old frame and noticed that it was already rusting pretty badly. I drove to Ace Hardware, arriving at 8:55. It closed at 9:00. I got some "rust stop" and sandpaper for $5.40. My bank account had $5.68. After getting home again I sanded the frame as well as I could, but it wasn't perfect. After a lot of sanding I gave up on perfection and sprayed the "rust stop" on. It has a nice dark black color to it.

A picture is at http://www.craterfish.org/teamprodigies?pictures?2006/Oct

16 Sep 2006 (updated 13 Aug 2009 at 18:18 UTC) »
September 15th, 2006

Today I finished the four A-arms. I set it up with the wheels and took a picture (http://www.craterfish.org/teamprodigies?pictures?2006/Sep). It's about 4'3" between the outer edges of the wheels.

14 Sep 2006 (updated 13 Aug 2009 at 18:20 UTC) »
September 12th, 2006

I don't feel like I've accomplished much as of late. Today I finished cutting all the metal for the front A-Arms, as you can see in the picture at http://www.craterfish.org/teamprodigies?pictures?2006/Sep. It took a long time. I'm in school now, so I only get a couple hours in the afternoon, and being a perfectionist I don't get much done. Usually I make four cuts or so. A lot of work goes into this.. ever measurement must be precise and accurate, and to prepare a piece for a weld it must be ground flat and cleaned around the eges.

5 Sep 2006 (updated 13 Aug 2009 at 18:21 UTC) »
September 4th, 2006

The welder came a couple days ago, and since then I've been practicing welding. My welds still need a lot of work, but I've started the frame anyway. Maybe not the best idea. A picture of what I made today can be found at http://www.craterfish.org/teamprodigies?pictures?2006/Sep - it will hold the two electric motors as well as batteries and motor controllers for the front wheels. You can see where the A-Arm suspension will attach.

August 22nd, 2006

In the past few days I've been designing a security key-in circuit. It works very well. The angle grinder came in the mail a few days ago, and today I cut one of the eight foot lengths of tubing into pieces for the frame. No word on the welder yet. I'm trying to raise some money by selling those motor controllers, so if you want one they're $75.

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