23 May 2005 NeonElf   » (Apprentice)

So, here's the deep thought of the day: How can we build a simple system that losses it's determancy and enters the realm of chaos? It seems to me that genetics is one of those systems. It appears simple, perhaps I don't understand it well enough to make the statement, but DNA is the map, chemicals and protiens control cellular growth and development. I dunno, I guess it's not that simple a system. What I mean is how do we build a system with simple RULES that creates complexity: the phenomenon know as "emergence." I'd like to create a sysem like that sometime.

I was reading something on molecular biology about how DNA creates protiens and the protiens can attach back to the DNA and inhibit the creation of other protiens. Got me thinking about self modifing systems.

.... hrm ... what's my point you're wondering. This is a journal I don't have a point.

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