26 Nov 2004 NateW   » (Master)

After a couple years of not doing much robot-related stuff, I'm getting back into it again...

Hexapod progress: Have received servos, arms, and linkages for the hexapod, and pololu.com will be cutting the chassis pieces this coming week.

Biped progress: Finally came up with a hip joint configuration that I know I can build and I think will work well enough. I really want to do a belt drive system similar to the robot on this page - http://www.ixs.co.jp/index-j.html - but am not convinced I can actually pull it off. The design I have in mind is based on Lynxmotion's brackets though so there's no real fabrication involved. The 3-DOF hip has been one of the more challenging parts of the design, if this really works I may move from design to construction soon.

Software progress: I'm working on a visual programming language to make it easier to develop software for both robots, it's coming along pretty well. It's similar to the control system diagrams in Juice, a bit more sophisticated, completely rewritten, and not (yet?) integrated with the simulator. I can simple draw diagrams and execute them, but am still fine tuning the "syntax" and optimizing the execution code.

With any luck, the software and hexapod will come together in the next two or three weeks and I'll have it walking before christmas. But it's probably optimistic of me to think so. :-)

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