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Traumalo 2.0

Taking on a digital version of the Traumalo has been proving to be both rewarding and stressful!
I was surprised to see how quickly i was able to use up all the I/O i had available as well as how fast i was able to push my previous knowledge AND the micro-controller to their limits!

1st stumbling block was MULTI-THREADING!...or should i say "lack there of!".....
im used to be being able to just spit out a buncha code commands at once and have them all fire simultaneously .... well, seems ya can't do that in "C", so the hunt was on for a solution...

came across a handy piece of code on the ARDUINO forum, that with a little bit of tweaking worked out perfectly... now my commands seem to happen at the same time, instead of sequentially!

Next hurdle was ANALOG INPUTs ... i ran outta them! ... so i had to learn about multiplexers and although they aren't all the difficult in theory, we'll see how easy it is to implement once it arrives in the mail.

so far i have 2 of the 3 mutators up and running and im currently working on the "save" and "recall" functionality ...

stay tuned for more updates!

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