17 Jun 2010 Mubot   » (Master)

KORG Monotron

i will be the 1st to admit that i was not at all excited by the announcement of the Monotron ..for some reason it just didnt appeal to me, maybe because i have an MS-10 or maybe cuz it seemed like it was going to be kinda useless and shitty sounding.

well, after watching some demo vids and stuff like that, i was a bit more open to the idea, but still not sold.

now that i have found out about a price drop and it being engineered in mind to be customized and circuit bent, i have finally had a change of heart!

not to mention i finally got a good audio clip of how awesome the filter sounds!!!!

check it out for yourself....enjoy!

and yes, i'll be posting a demo of mine when i get it ;)

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