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BattleBots News

Hi all.

Unfortunately today we have some bad news for you (but some good news too).

Commercial spots on the CBS College Sports Network could not be sold, and consequently the series had to be pulled from the schedule.

This has nothing to do with the show itself. Indeed, the people we have shown the shows to (including CBS) LOVE it. We even got a standing ovation at the Autodesk party last week in Vegas. Our feeling is with the economy, and the relatively small audience base of the network, commercial spots could not be sold.

Rest assured, we're doing our best to make the show available to you. We'll keep you posted on facebook and on twitter.

The good news is we just signed a deal with Fox Television Studios. Again, we'll keep you posted on the progress of that over at facebook and on twitter.

We'll never give up...
Keep building, we'll see you April

all the best

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TLN * Live *

Just wanted to give a shout out to all the ppl who tuned in last night for the show...next time i will advertise the fact that we are broadcasting live and see how that goes! hahah!

also, now that i know people are watching, i will be a bit more specific what the episodes are about.

so stay tuned for an episode schedule!

in the meantime.... go build something!!!!


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