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let there be light!

so, i needed some light for the ol'Makerbot build platform, so i printed up/wired up one of these from thingiverse

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Kinect SDK is here!!

Microsoft just announced the availability of their SDK for Kinect and Windows 7. You can use the free Kinect SDK with the free Visual Studio Express to build cool Kinect apps on a Windows 7 PC. If you’re not using Windows, you can still do great stuff with the Kinect (Kinect Hacks keeps track of many cool open source Kinect projects, and you can find our posts about Kinect right here).

With Microsoft’s Kinect SDK, you’ll be able to write Kinect apps using C#, VB, C++, and possibly other .NET languages. It will also support multiple rendering engines so the awesome visuals you create have somewhere to appear: DirectX, XNA, WPF, etc.

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Featured on thingiverse!

Dear theLearnedNerd,

As a citizen of Thingiverse, you are receiving this email to keep you updated with activity on your things in the Thingiverse.

Your Fan Holder thing has caught the eye of a Thingiverse Admin and it is now being featured! Revel in the glory and check out the other featured things on Thingiverse.com/featured.

The Thingiverse Team

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1st Official Part