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Makerbot Upgrade progress....

Ok, day 2 of trying to dial in the new upgrades to makerbot.... 1/2 a success LOL

anyone who knows me, is well aware that i am NOT a patient individual, so having to sit for 3 hours and adjust the bot .02mm at a time was brutal for me!
i would adjust the code...set to print... wait..then evaluate...adjust / print / wait / eval ....
i finally got to a point where the machine was working steadily and i was printing without the filament backing up into the gear head... but i still wasnt seeing the results i was looking for... so i continued to tweak,
lowering the print head more and more until i crashed it again by getting the filament bound up in the gears... (hey, at least i now now the absolute setting b4 crashing! lol)

i think getting the new nozzle to print with the accuracy and perfection it's capable of will take some diving into the software settings... deeper than i am currently comfortable with...SOOOooooo
tonight im going to switch back to the .5 nozzle and do some more test prints....

im expecting good results, mainly due to the fact that the software has presets for using the .5 nozzle / 1.75 filament combo... and the preset for the .5 noz / 3mm filament was pretty spectacular!

i'll let ya know how it goes.....

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Makerbot Update woes....

after a month of owning the makerbot, it was time to purchase some new plastic, and i figured i would also take advantage of the new smaller nozzle and filament now offered.

the bot came with 3mm filament and .5mm nozzle ... i have upgraded to the 1.75mm filament / .4mm nozzle for faster prints with a higher resolution.

seemed like a simple task, swap out a nozzle and some interior tubes ... then swap out a couple of plastic plates located in the feed mech.

it was a little hairy, but knowing the bot as intimately as i do (from building it the 1st time) i made it thru unscathed!

the big trouble started when i was trying to get the thing to print......
the filament kept getting hung up and wrapping itself around the feed gear and jamming the machine.... this took a ton of taking apart and re-assembling to test/re-test

eventually i broke down and re-aligned the drive gear (blindly) in hopes this would fix the problem... and alas i was able to get a print finished.

went for another print and 12min into it... wrapped up..again!

i think this time was caused by the print head being too low and creating back pressure into the flow tube..... so i think now its a matter of tweaking the Z max level in increments of .02mm
but i do have it narrowed down to 110.5mm being too high & 111mm being too low

from the little bit of success i have seen... the new resolution is amazing and once i get this tweaked, it will have been worth the work to get it dialed in.

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Printing in 3 dimentions!

we've got the makerbot completed, almost dialed in for perfection... this thing is even cooler than i had imagined (and i imagine big).

here is a crappy pic of our 3rd print - a trophy mounted dragon head.


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makerbot "Z plane" build recap