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3lb robot battle

destructive little 3 pounders going at it during megacon 2010

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Synth on a scope

A few minutes of watching my Roland Sh-101 on a scope.... boring, hypnotic, and exciting all at once ... be a trooper and listen to the full 3min of mind warping bleeps and bloops!

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It's Officially a shop!

Once you have sparks... you've got a shop!

We spent the better part of the weekend setting up the new workspace..
we got the welder / air compressor / tools moved in, and even managed to get a workbench built.

So far so good, had a few friends come over to check out the spot and everyone seems to be getting into the "gotta make something" spirit!

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robot building space

South Florida Robotics Society & The Learned Nerd are proud to announce that we finally have a work space!!!!

Our space is a 10x25 industrial warehouse bay located in pompano beach... this is as bare bones, down and dirty as it gets for robot making..it's awesome!
this weekend we will be moving in the welder, air compressor, misc power tools, and tool boxes!
we will also be setting up some work stations, tables, and shelving.

For info on how to become a member of the South Florida Robotics Society, check out their site!

you can also add them on FaceBook (click here)

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This week in the lab...

It's been a fairly productive week in the lab ...

while making "enhancements" to the 0ddr3y circuit, i happily stumbled into what some ppl call "accidental genius".....

Even though the "enhancement" to the circuit didn't turn out how i planned, it pretty much created something entirely new!

I ended up creating a very crude, but neat, pitch tracker ... i plugged the guitar in and out came a nasty lil square wave in tune with the note i played on the guitar, after playing with this for about 3 hours.. i got the idea to try a microphone, it wasnt AS cool as the guitar but it worked, it tracked my voice and created a sound in basically the same pitch. using this on my voice was a bit odd, it wasn't vocoder sounding exactly.. it was something between a vocoder and a distortion pedal... which is what 1/2 the circuit is anyway, so i guess thats about right....come to think of it, it sounded alot like plugging a mic into an old minimoog.

I wont be using this device for vocal effects, it was more just to see what it would do... BUT i will be making it into a boxed/finished version and continue to use the guitar through it ...

between this new (yet to be named) thingy and the 0ddr3y ..... you could create some interesting guitar riffs and effects that would sit nicely into some chiptune music or some 8-bit industrial!

Stay tuned, lots more to come....


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Project #2 = DIY sequencer

Here is a quick overview video of the 10 step CV sequencer im working on.

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2010 - project #1

Well it's a new year and i've decided to start it off with a bang... er, some fuzz.

During the xmas holiday, i noticed just how many projects i have that were left 1/2 finished from years gone by, cluttering up the lab and making me feel guilty for taking on NEW projects and challenges.... so i have decided that THIS is the year they will all (or most) will get finished!

I have put a new rule in place for myself:
-New projects can only be started AFTER an old one is finished!

That being said, i went thru my box of non finished goodies and pulled out the very 1st effects project i ever built, (an old electro fuzz knock off) some of it's parts had been salvaged for use in other projects, leaving the lil guy left for dead!

I could only 1/2 figure out what i did to build it, but was able to reference some similar schematics i found on the interweb and by the end of the night the ol' fuzz box was working!

here is a pic of the ugly yellow bastard.

Having more experience under my belt, i see some things i would like to change about the circuit /layout/function/etc ... and will probably revisit this lil box for a use in a drone synth im working on, but until then it shall remain intact.

So far 2010 is off to a good start...

  • Rules have been set
  • Ideas are being documented
  • Projects are being completed

Stay tuned for Project #2 updates


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BattleBots News

Hi all.

Unfortunately today we have some bad news for you (but some good news too).

Commercial spots on the CBS College Sports Network could not be sold, and consequently the series had to be pulled from the schedule.

This has nothing to do with the show itself. Indeed, the people we have shown the shows to (including CBS) LOVE it. We even got a standing ovation at the Autodesk party last week in Vegas. Our feeling is with the economy, and the relatively small audience base of the network, commercial spots could not be sold.

Rest assured, we're doing our best to make the show available to you. We'll keep you posted on facebook and on twitter.

The good news is we just signed a deal with Fox Television Studios. Again, we'll keep you posted on the progress of that over at facebook and on twitter.

We'll never give up...
Keep building, we'll see you April

all the best

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TLN * Live *

Just wanted to give a shout out to all the ppl who tuned in last night for the show...next time i will advertise the fact that we are broadcasting live and see how that goes! hahah!

also, now that i know people are watching, i will be a bit more specific what the episodes are about.

so stay tuned for an episode schedule!

in the meantime.... go build something!!!!


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