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Recently I was working on the IR obstacle sensor. It doesn't work properly if both receiver and transmitters are connected to the same power suply! It started to work properly when I suplied the generator from the another power source. But if the transmitter diodes are to close to the receiver it still doesn't work. The receiver is active all the time, even if it's covered. I suppose that there are some electromagnetic interferences. I must simply move the diodes away.

21 May 2002 (updated 22 May 2002 at 12:17 UTC) »

I'm working on the IR obstacle sensor, using as an IR receiver SFH5110 and IR LEDs as a transmiters.

21 May 2002 (updated 21 May 2002 at 04:53 UTC) »

My robot has already two stepping motors and the PIC16F876 which is controling it, so he is able to move. I'm programing it in C. Now I must equip him with obstacle sensors.

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