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Hey all again.. sup?
I have a big problem... there are about 7 ideas floating in my head (I think all of them are pretty good..) but, i don't have a free moment or 1 spare Dollar $ ! :(
If any one is interested, plz feel free to email me, and i promise to post some of my ideas for sharing..
nice day all..
By The Way: by any chance can i be more than what im now... i dont know.. feels kinda restrained.. certify me if youed like .. :)
miki_eyes@hotmail.com : my mail..

Hey all, Back here writing again (If you don' wanna read - don' have to.. :))
Well as you know i live in israel, great place - really, a shame that yesterday a few arabic - islamic terrorists shot at my hood.. well you know...
Any way, i can't wait to get my brand new books, and im startin on gatherin and compilin good ideas bout my soon to come robot project..
In the meantime im startin to write a portal in ASP with members an' all for robotics fans, hope you people will join it..
By the way if i forgot to write im a programmer i work at two places (Programming related...) so if you nead some\any help write: Miki_Eyes@hotmail.com .. peace out

Well, this is my first diary listing, as you can see in my notes then you already undersud im into robotics for a while already.
Yestarday night i bought 2 great (I think:) books. and now i plan on practiclly starting a bot im paper planin for months now...
Anyway, i hope you will find me compatible for being more than just an Observer, And i hope i could help some people who will ask anything they'ed like (Asppecially with programing..).
Have a nice day all. miki_eyes@hotmail.com --Mikos

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