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10 Jan 2002 (updated 10 Jan 2002 at 14:06 UTC) »

After a long time of abbsence, I AM BACK!:)
First of all, and most important, happy new year everyone! Altghou it's now a jewish holiday, it was great here in jerusalem..:)
Anyways, to the point, Before i went for a while, i added a new project here, bout a robot im buildng, well, me for once, cant believe it, but i HAVE made progress...:) I'm writing he's program in VB.. i know i know.. but, i don't have the time for somthing more serious at the moment - maybe somtime.. I've implented so far in his program (On my pc, not yest on him, he is not ready phisclly yet) test to speech, speech to text - like office xp, so when ill finish my grammer engine, he is fully capable of understanding me, and answering by him self whatever he thinks is right! cool?
I really dont mind if somone want's to get some explanations on how to make this, feel free to mail me...
So, for now i'm done.. promise to write again soon, write me! Miki_eyes bye, mikos

Hey all again.. sup?
I have a big problem... there are about 7 ideas floating in my head (I think all of them are pretty good..) but, i don't have a free moment or 1 spare Dollar $ ! :(
If any one is interested, plz feel free to email me, and i promise to post some of my ideas for sharing..
nice day all..
By The Way: by any chance can i be more than what im now... i dont know.. feels kinda restrained.. certify me if youed like .. :) : my mail..

Hey all, Back here writing again (If you don' wanna read - don' have to.. :))
Well as you know i live in israel, great place - really, a shame that yesterday a few arabic - islamic terrorists shot at my hood.. well you know...
Any way, i can't wait to get my brand new books, and im startin on gatherin and compilin good ideas bout my soon to come robot project..
In the meantime im startin to write a portal in ASP with members an' all for robotics fans, hope you people will join it..
By the way if i forgot to write im a programmer i work at two places (Programming related...) so if you nead some\any help write: .. peace out

Well, this is my first diary listing, as you can see in my notes then you already undersud im into robotics for a while already.
Yestarday night i bought 2 great (I think:) books. and now i plan on practiclly starting a bot im paper planin for months now...
Anyway, i hope you will find me compatible for being more than just an Observer, And i hope i could help some people who will ask anything they'ed like (Asppecially with programing..).
Have a nice day all. --Mikos

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