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Well, I broke down and bought one of those Robosapiens for Christmas. I even picked up one of the mini robosapiens for my two year old daughter as well. She keeps saying that Santa is going to be bringing each of us a white robot (must be the continuing print ads from Toys R US and Sears.) The cat better watch out. I warned him ;)

Continuing to set up my workspace and organize all my parts and books. I managed to build up a quick proof of concept platform from lego. I wanted to test the Androbot/TOPO/B.O.B. 2 wheel slant configuration. Works great and has pretty good stability. The next step is build up a small prototype with servos. I also want to mount 2 additional servos for dual arm control with spring controlled grippers. The task being to see if I can build a fairly functional small robot with only 4 motors. Haven't decided what specific sensors will be added and what its application suite would be.

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