27 Dec 2004 Masse   » (Apprentice)

For Christmas I received a Robosapiens. It's a little remote controlled humanoid figure with about 7 degrees of freedom. (I didn't count them.) I've been sworn to NOT modify it, so, clearly, I had to think of another way to accomplish my nefarious ends. I came up with using cameras and infrared lights tied to a central computer. These camera/IR control points would be placed to cover Robosapiens' operational area, grabbing images and sending commands via IR link. The entire capability of the remote computer could be used to accompish image processing and control, all without modifying the unit at all. The location of the robot could be determined from the cameras, with only one IR port used for commands. (Whichever is closest to him.) A basic setup would require: 1) A camera, and ability to grab images using some preferred programming language. 2) An IR controller. This will require an output from the computer- perhaps a microphone jack. 3) Robosapiens' command language. This might be available from the manufacturer. 4) Software to accomplish the image processing. At it's most fundamental, it would return cartesian location and angular heading. 5) Software to generate a path to follow. Could be as simple as predetermined path. 6) Control software to follow the desired path. Would compare where it is to where it should be next.

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