1 Oct 2003 MartinCalsyn   » (Journeyer)

Robothon is coming...Oct 25, 26 in Seattle

I've got the following entries cooking

  • DoodleBug - Line Maze Event - A 68332 (MRM) based line follower built on a two-level 6" circular base. The drive system is based on a dual-motor Tamiya tractor kit driving hobby wheels. This is the same Tamiya kit that donated the tracks for ShoveBug
  • ShoveBug - Traditional Mini-Sumo - A 68332 (MRM) based 500g sumo bot with tractor treads driven by hacked servos.
  • Atlas - 3kg Sumo - Another 68332 project - This is the least baked of the three and I may drop this bot in favor of finishing FireBug 2.0
  • FireBug 2.0 - Fire Fighter - A fast-moving x86 based bot with PIC sub-processors. This is the most advanced bot from the standpoint of sensors, drive system and software. It'll be a real challenge to wrap up by the end of the month.

    All of the bots are using the same control-system software - a subsumptive architecture based on message passing.

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