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16 Jun 2004 (updated 30 Jun 2004 at 16:46 UTC) »

I should start out by listing a summary of a few robot hobby projects I have done over the years.

ALICE Alice was a first attempt concempt robot to get my feet wet. It consisted of a small woden platform, toy DC motors with plastic gear box. Front caster. Light sensors and run with a BSII.

Bob Bob was a venture into my old Erector set. Bob ended up being a 4DOF arm with easily replaceable gripper. RC hobby servos were used along with my old Erector set (and 2 more purchsed Mechano sets). Control was done via PC paralell port.

Chip Chip was a small lexan wheeled bot approx 6in around. He had a domed top and was run with a BSII. Model aircraft wheels were used for drive wheels with a custom caster in the center front. Chip responded to light and sound.

R2 One of my larger Inventions. R2 was a 3 layer platform standing approx 4 foot high and 3 foot around. PVC pipe was used for leg supports. Automatic van door motors were used for drive motors. All powered from a small lawn mower battery. Sensors included ultrasonic, light, sound, bumper. A Radioshack voice IC added life to R2 by indexing some prerecorded sound. "Obstical Detected. Initiating Advoidance Sequence". Control was accomplished various ways through its life including; Pocket Gameboy, BSII, Wireless RC receiver, PC cable link. My son use to sit on R2 and hold the RC controler and drive himself around quite a bit

Lenny Lenny is one of my latest bots. Smaller platform approx1.5 feet around. 2 van door motors for drive wheels (thanks R2) and front and back casters. There is a QVGA display run by a embeded 486 mother board. The BSII handles lower level functions light drive control and comunications to the Ultrasonic sensor. I also have a salvaged USFIRST controler system on board for remote operation. Power is supplied from a sealed lead acid battery.

I plan on adding some of these projects to the Robot projects listing area on this site once I get verified and get some pictures and CAD drawings gathered up. I also have big plans for my newest toy currently on preorder (

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