8 Nov 2006 Magnum   » (Observer)

Been working on mounting switches, keypad, and status leds, and lcd display in the aluminum shell. I want some onboard controls for changing gait, halting, running difrent programs on it, indicating status on difrent parts of the code. Its all hooked up to 2 GPIO chips with I2C interface. The LCD display has its own i2c conection tho. The i2c cables will also hook onto 3 ultrasound rangers and the main servo gait control, pluss the main brain card.

When its all done the shell of the bot will work kinda like an operator panel, with one flatcable hooking it to the main body of the bot. Ill load up some pics when i get the time, if anyone is intrested. The aluminum shell is alitle comlicated to make. It has several 45 degre bends in more 3 planes, so it took some fideling to build it. Im happy with the result tho. It has a cool "stealth" look to it.

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