3 Nov 2006 Magnum   » (Observer)

Ive been working on ideas for doing load sensing on my servos. The concept so far is to use a 0.2 ohm resistor and run the common ground of all the servos thru that, so i can use the uC internal A/D to sense how much current they are drawing. Then i can test each individual servo, one at the time, to figure out wich one is causing the increased current.

Of course the best option would be to sense the current on all the servos directly, but then i would need to use either a MUX or several external A/D's. The information i get from this should tell me if any of the servos are loaded more then they are during a normal walking cycle.

Im currently working on this idea. Im gonna run a few tests on this, before implementing anything.

If anyone have any ideas id love to hear them. What is the normal way to do loadsensing ( in a simple way ... obviusly there are plenty of large expensive current sensors that could be used, but they wont fit the robot or my budget). Is there any IC's that have already finishe built in current sensing?. Any ideas is welcome ;)

Cheers Magnum

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