2 Nov 2006 Magnum   » (Observer)

Just finished todays work on my robot: Mounting the aluminum protective shell. It has 2 practical purposes, protection and rigidnes, and obviusly it has to look cool. For the last part of that, it has 6 red leds mounted (kinda looks like the shadows from B5).

I will figure out some cool things to do whit those later. I like to make robots that can express themselfs in some way. Using flashing leds, voice syntisiers, or just plain text (lcd or on monitor). It makes sense to me that even a robot based on a simple bottom up insect moddel should have some expresion. I mean, even ants and wasps can get angry, scared, anoyed, drunk, confused, and what not. I want my robot to be able to express similar things.

Im a firm beliver that motion breeds inteligence, and not the other way around. Its moving aournd in the world that exposes us to new chalangegs, and that in turn breeds intelignce(adding new levels of behavior if you will).

I have similar reasons for giving my robot the ability to express things. That way i will let it develop simulated expressions later on. ( im thinking of flasshing all 6 red eyes, indicating anger, if the motion sensors detecs sudden decrese in range to front obstacle, indicating somone stepped in its way)

Pluss when people ask what it does, instead of telling them its a insectoid robot, utilizing behavior level architecture to exhibit intelignce ( and have them looking at me like im from the moon) , i can say it walks around, and gets angry if you block its path :P

Cheers, Magnum

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