4 Nov 2003 Mad scientist   » (Observer)

Well everyone, the moment that I and all of you I am sure has finally arrived that is correct! I have finished my robot... It is awesome, there are pic.s of it on my website, which is currently down to to my server being GAY! On a more sad note, I will not be writing to this site for a year or so. The reasons are many and elaborate, but mostly it was because I got caught hacking... You may say "What he's only off for a year", I'd reply "Yes!" They let me off easy only because of my outstanding grades and because it was my firts offense. It may still look bad trying to get into MIT or some other place kickass like that, which I am most deffinitly trying to do but hey what can I say. So consider this a formal goodbye for now! +++ Samuel J. Betzen I will see you in a year!!! YEAH!

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