11 Sep 2003 Mad scientist   » (Observer)

Hello, haven't posted in a while... Also have been busy with school. Nearly all advance placement classes (AP). Anyway, the main reason I am posting is because I'd like to tell everyone that I am half way done with my robot, now all that I need are some LED's, wheels, and text to voice modules. Not to mention the Sonar which I haven't decided to buy yet! I have also been working on this little thing I like to call a simulated laser. It uses a high intesity LED, a concave lense and a 9V battery. It works just like an HE+NE laser would (Helium, Neon). I have been experimenting with it, and I have found it to be really quite a neat hobby... especially learning about photons and stuff like that (EASY!!!!) hehehe! Anyway, Glad to post once again, and I will try to more often Thanks. Mad Sci.

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