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Hello, haven't posted in a while... Also have been busy with school. Nearly all advance placement classes (AP). Anyway, the main reason I am posting is because I'd like to tell everyone that I am half way done with my robot, now all that I need are some LED's, wheels, and text to voice modules. Not to mention the Sonar which I haven't decided to buy yet! I have also been working on this little thing I like to call a simulated laser. It uses a high intesity LED, a concave lense and a 9V battery. It works just like an HE+NE laser would (Helium, Neon). I have been experimenting with it, and I have found it to be really quite a neat hobby... especially learning about photons and stuff like that (EASY!!!!) hehehe! Anyway, Glad to post once again, and I will try to more often Thanks. Mad Sci.

Well thanks for the help, and just as a side note; you are not the only one with an IQ of above 150 I also am.

I could really use information on some good ways on making advanced robots if anuyones has some. I have written many AI programs amd would like to apply an AI to a robot, but just am not exactly sure how. Oh and if you could please tell me some good places to get some good equipment??!! Thanks

Does anyone have any information on programming a robots brains chips and stuff like that... please let me know!

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