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THE LIZARD is build.

Still some problems with data transfer because i´m working on an instant data backup on my pc(a kind of memory). Some programing problems but it will work (hopefully) in a month or so.

So no bugs, he´s a bit to big. BUT, he won´t do what i say. (again sorry for my english)

Pictures within a month.

If you have problems or some idears you wonna work out. Mail me. (

THE LIZARD is coming together. I´m building examples for better detailing. Only the size is not what i expected (6 servo´s in the neck and head). Try fitting that in. But slowly i´m working it out.

The bugs have been eaten but now he´s getting to big. (Sorry for my bad english!!!)

Started drawing the plans for THE LIZARD.


(100% life like) - Covered in latex.

- Equiped with CAM, IR, ...

I just have one problem, i´m working out the bugs, but he keeps eating them.

I´ll keep you posted

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