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Hi. Just an update. I have recently joined the irc robot group as well as another yahoo robot group I found on another robot site. I look forward to talking and learning more from others who know much about robots! :) Renee

Hi. Robot-Crazy. I don't know that much about finding robot kits and finding ones that are reasonably priced. You could (if you have not already) try searching google for robot kits. The one I am getting is a bit pricier than what you were hoping for. :( I will send the url and see what you think of it! http://www.yostengineering.com/index.cgi? section=Hardware&subsection=BugBrain/BugBrain.html

Renee :) Welcome to the group! Happy you found us-though as you know of course I am as new as you!

Hi. I go by Lace. I'm new to robotics and to this site. I ordered my first robot kit-will get as a Christmas present! So does anyone here have any advice as far as books, kits, listservs etc. about people wanting to learn more about building robots and finding robot contacts? My icq is 326- 996-021. Please let me know where you found me if you choose to add me. Thank you. Also how do I get 'certified' and certify other people etc.?

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