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I have worked with a really easy robot programming software. It is Lego Mindstorms. It is really easy and cool, but yet I also like the new and high-tech type of robots with voice language recognition, fully programmable software, and one where you get to make ypur own unique robot out of any material. I have only built Lego Mindstorms robots, but yet I also have a little knowledge on real robotics. My robot has been in alot of competitions, and won quite a few of them. I am interested in software almost the same Lego Mindstorms, or just switchs and dials which would be easy for me. I would also prefer anything else that is in the robotics industry!

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Well, -sigh-. I guess i'm a newbie here. Well everyone has to be at one time. lol. Well, I guess i am gonna check this site out some more... Yo Lata G!



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