29 Sep 2001 Kiryu   » (Master)

THe latest update.... I am still pluging away at the project even if it is a bit slow. School is occupying most of my non-work time (duh). I have both arms made and just need to update the linkages in the elbows. That is about the extent of the project at the moment. I am having fun with physics and I found out I have possibly the worst instructor for calculus 2. I just put in my application for the Foresite Institute's Nanotechnology conference in Santa Clara. It is November 8-11, so if you are interested in Nanotech that is the place to be! I opted out of the lunch because I figure at an average of 50 dollars a day I can get a good lunch elsewhere. Rooms are a group rate of 120 per night, but I did notice on the web they were selling at 89 if you have AAA. I am looking forward to this event in the hopes to make contacts in the industry, or coming industry as it may be. Not doing much research in the field until next summer (when I hope to do some for NASA's Dryden research facility) so I doubt I will have much insight for others to be impressed by, but I have a few ideas :-) That is about it.... if you had thought of going to this conference drop me a email and we can meet there. That is about it......

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