19 Sep 2001 Kiryu   » (Master)

Alright, school is in it's second day and hasn't gotten too busy yet. My physics instructor is stuck in Paris, which everyone seems to think is the best thing in the world, but personnaly I would rather be stuck in Germany or some other European country (Paris is a dirty town in my opinion). Work continues on the humaniod robot. On the issue of scale, I realize that I may have not given this before, the robot will be from the waist up an approximate 1/10 scale of me. Yep, I took my own measurements, scaled them down and converted them to metric. The latest is that I have machined (1) lower arm and it is one of the easiest pieces to date. All I really had to do was cut to length, remove 2cm of one side of the angle (for mounting) and bore a hole for the brass tube that fits into the ball berring. It is currently drying (JB Weld again) along with the other elbow. That leaves (1) more lower arm and both arms will be complete (less any hands I may decide to add). Then I will place the ball berrings for the upper torso and mount the torso servos. The next step is to attach the arms to the torso with more brass tube and then I will have a working chest/arm assemble. Incidentally, there are a few more photos on the TRCY Robot club on yahoo in the photo section under "Nathan's Projects". I still do not have a more convenient place to put these photos, but I will figure one out soon. I know that joining a yahoo club just to check out some pics would suck. Actually, the TRCY group is really active, with chats every Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Sunday is hit and miss sometimes, but Tuesday is designed for beginners and Wednesday for general chat. I will have pictures of the completed arm up on the TRCY website over the next few days....

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