14 Sep 2001 Kiryu   » (Master)

Well, I guess the initial shock of these events has worn off for me. I still feel for those involved, but I will not bend to these terrorists' wishes. I have moved ahead full steam today with my project. I have fabricated a elbow joint (the most difficult piece yet) that has 3 pieces, 2 of which are highly machined with grooves and the like. The shoulder to elbow bend length is a little longer than I originally wanted it to be, but it will have to be acceptable. I will change the length of the forearm to match accordingly. Still deciding of the setup of the upper torso; I hope to have the design down by the end of the week. Cal state is opening on monday, so I will definately not have as much time to dedicate to the intense amount of thought needed for figuring out how each of these pieces should be fabricated. I hope to have a picture or two of the current state of things up somewhere that I can link from here. Having them on the TRCY website is not good since I think you have to be a member to view them. I am pretty sure that I get some webspace with my internet provider, I just haven't looked throught the paperwork. It would be good just to throw together a web page with basic info and pictures. I still am using the paper and pencil method of design, but I hope to put the results into some computer format. It will probably happen after the fact, but it may help others somehow. That is about it for now... I have to go assemble the pieces that I was able to make today. I hope everyone else is able to continue without forgetting what has happened (like that would be possible)....

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