10 Sep 2001 Kiryu   » (Master)

Finally finished one of the shoulder joints. The other is halfway finished, waiting for JB weld to dry. I am happy with the final results and I am moving on to designing the torso. The torso is not a mechanically difficult part, it only has to worry about one degree of freedom in each arm. It does have several pieces to compensate for holding the ball bearings and attaching a control surface for each arm. I have two designs working and I am not sure which to go with right now. One has the servo arms on the inside of the torso, the other on the outside. As far as design, the servo arm on the outside is easier, but less desireable. Time, and a lot of thought, will tell which design I go with. I still have to design the elbow and forearm. Class starts again soon on the 17th, which will slow progress quite a bit. I hope to have at least the arms done by then. Well, off to work I go.......

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