7 Sep 2001 Kiryu   » (Master)

Ah, so I have learned the lesson of tolerances! I had to remove approximately .1mm of material from one of the shoulder pieces. I guess the .5mm tolerance that I had before was not small enough. I also have learned that I will need smaller bolts to attach the servo arm to the aluminum; the heads on the bolts were too big and ran into the shaft portion of the servo connector. This is okay, it just means another trip to the local hobby store, since there seems to be no other store around that carries a small enough bolt. The regular JB weld is working great. I let it sit overnight and it hardened as expected. I will probably only use the quick version in places that have large surface contact areas (as in the upper arm). Got to love this epoxy! I am impressed with the repeatability in which the mill is able to make parts. The parts that I machine are almost identical (by almost, I mean .01mm difference). That is one good machine! So my dead parts pile is getting larger. As a design is passed up for a new one or a part is machined incorrectly they get thrown there. This should make an interesting picture at the end of the skeleton building phase. I am off to machine the other shoulder now. There will most likely not be an update over the weekend, I will be off to work (like everyday it seems) and my spare time will be taken up by DJing on saturday and flying model airplanes with my stepdad (you have to do something to keep in touch after you move away) on sunday. Hope your projects are going well and if you hvae read this far I appreciate the interest!

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