30 Apr 2003 Kiryu   » (Master)

The Mininaut project is now complete (as far as I am concerned :-) It got quite a bit of attention locally by appearing on several news stations and in a couple of newspapers. More importantly, I have secured a postition this summer at the University of Southern California to prototype an inexpensive motion capture suit; that should be a fun project. I think I am changing my research focus, I should be moving to enabling technologies for molecular robots. I have a proposal ready to be submitted for funding in mid May and will be working with several other people from a range of fields, including mathematics, physics, and chemistry. We plan on developing a predictive algorithm for molecular construction of robot parts. Everyone around here seems to think it is going to be a good project, I hope we finish :-) Anyway, if you are interested to know about anything that I have been or am involved with, let me know, I like to discuss these things :-) Oh, and thanks for reading this far!

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