20 Nov 2001 Kiryu   » (Master)

Just letting everyone know that I am still around. The quarter is almost over and that means more time to be working on robots. I have an idea for a micro actuator based on muscle wire that would be fully proportional and act like a servo. What would be the advantage of this? A fully functional robotic human torso measured in tens of grams :-) The interesting part will be trying to make these little things. There is a company trying to sell "nanomuscles", but they want $21 each in volume, which is way more expensive than the $1 a motor would cost. The design is good and I started thinking about it when I realized that the current design for my robot is way too expensive for it to be repeatable and something everyone could enjoy making. If I was able to design the robot with a couple of atmel controllers and leave out the rabbit 2000 and use these new muscles to power it rather than the servos that I have, it would be smaller, lighter and most importantly- cheaper. Just a thought to let everyone know that I am still around :-)

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