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Things are getting underway with my new project, a humaniod torso. To give you a little history, I have designed a robot "dog" (actual mesurements were taken from a gorrilla) named "Gobo". Once I was finished with the frame, every toy company in the world came out with a robot dog. Just before I wrote a 3d motion file exporter for Milkshape 3D, I stopped the project. Pictures can be viewed in the TRCY robot club under the My Quadraped section. The new project is a humanoid torso at 1/10th scale of my body measurements. I am using micro Hitec servos for the actuators. The servo controller will be a custom design based on the Atmel 8535 (or mega 103), which will be an extension of the 2 that were used on Gobo. Controlling high level function will be a Rabbit 2000 core microcontroller, which will filter motion data down to the servo controller. The Rabbit will accept vision information from a Atmel Mega 103 and GB Camera vision system. Voice is also planned as an extension of this project. Currently, I have managed to alter some of the servos for my purpose and started design on the torso frame. Machining is being done with a Sherline mill. The first phase will be completion of the frame and installation of the servo controller. The second phase will be to get the servo controller and Rabbit 2000 playing nicely together :-) and for basic motion data to be transmitted. The Third phase will be the completion of a motion file exporter for Milkshape 3D and motion data handler for the Rabbit 2000. The fourth phase is the integration of the vision system and the ability to recognize simple objects (circles that are really bright etc). This will be an ongoing process as the needs for the vision system chages. Voice synthesis is planned to allow for the robot to say canned (stored) voice streams. Once this is complete, the true use for the system will begin :-) If you are interested in an aspect of this project or would like to make a suggestion you can email me at kiryu69@yahoo.com.


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