30 Oct 2001 Kav7441596   » (Observer)

well people i finished circuting roach, found a problem with the swith to make him anti light mode so i boaught a biger toggle swith from rat shaq and now im ordering parts for snob bot. and so any way, what im doing now is well heres the story i was in rat shaq annd i was about to get some parts when i came across the r/c cars so i bought this army ranger truck that has a rotation fake missle launching motor so i bought it and brought it home and strpied it down and re built it not it just has a rotaional device on the top i used the pressure pump and made a hydrolic unit for it so it looks real cool and i used a ccd 400 ft.camer and added it onto the rotational device ( from spystuff.com i think) but then i saw that 400 ft isnt enough so i went to the r/c hobby shop and bought some more crystals now i think it goes about600 ft. and i had left over crystals so now the r/c car goaes around 705 feet before it is out of range but yeah its pretty cool im adding an arm to it now and some tank treds so it can go under my deck and find money ( im a millinare in pennies LOL!):)

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