26 Sep 2001 Kav7441596   » (Observer)

okay im still waiting for the right time to build my website, the problem is, is that i dont have a scanner let alone a robot to put on the website,BUT!............................ i have figured out the functions for my first robot. his name is gasket and he has some simple opsticle avoidence and pumper switches just in case its dark. my second bot will be SNOBbot the dad of articTB, and lODbot, the mother maidbot. mombot: she can sense cliffs and worries alot about her children and has a wide veriety of vocabulary she will be programmed with basic stamp snobbot: looks for a decent teperture and hes really impatientif he dosent find it in so much time then hell start to complain and curse hes programmed with PIC LODbot: is the first son of snobbot, and mombot he stands for Lord Of darkness he looks for the darkes stob he can find and lights up two leds to make it look like he has glowing eyes the robots personality is hunting he hears loud soundsand looks for it. he gets some program (hes programed with PIC)(genes)from his dad he curses when he cant find darkeness. articTB: is the daughter of snobbot and mombot he gets one program (gene) from her mom the abbility to sense ledges and cliffs. her name stands for artic teen bot she likes cold places and loud noises whenever she hears a loud noise she says something like DBZ is on or party etc. she is programmed with basic stamp just like her mom because of the random command.

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