7 Dec 2001 Kav7441596   » (Observer)

well dar'nt i got my stuff from MElabs and i tried to program and i kept getting verify erros then it said ran out of memeory at picdata adress 009h:08 or something like that it was only a 278 word program for my first robot which is a basic obsticle avoidence robot and im having problems i feel like suing melabs for fraud because theres a number of possibilities that could be wrong there could be a voltage problem but the programmer came with a charger it also could be a problem with the computer i was on also could be a problem with the cabel i changed computers didnt work i still got the same errors then i tried puting 9vt. batteries .......... didnt work and i swear to the holy bible if i have to buy a new cable im suing melabs for all thier worth so no one will be able to buy any thing from them again unless some one cares to pitch in a hand? email me at kavman@sbcglobal.net thank you for reading this

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