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well im now having problems with my desihgn i cant get the screws off the servo so i used tape to tape the bigger bit onto the original one but now im having traction problems so i think im going to wrap up the bit with electrical tape to give it some traction still no name for it and i also had to change the desighn three times now i think i got it it looks like a small tubaware bowl ontop while a cd at the botom and attached to the cd is the servos and on top of the boal is the brad board im going to start making my website soon any good names for my website please email me

well dar'nt i got my stuff from MElabs and i tried to program and i kept getting verify erros then it said ran out of memeory at picdata adress 009h:08 or something like that it was only a 278 word program for my first robot which is a basic obsticle avoidence robot and im having problems i feel like suing melabs for fraud because theres a number of possibilities that could be wrong there could be a voltage problem but the programmer came with a charger it also could be a problem with the computer i was on also could be a problem with the cabel i changed computers didnt work i still got the same errors then i tried puting 9vt. batteries .......... didnt work and i swear to the holy bible if i have to buy a new cable im suing melabs for all thier worth so no one will be able to buy any thing from them again unless some one cares to pitch in a hand? email me at thank you for reading this

well you guys im proud to say im finaly going to start my robot kable hes gonna be a stage robot KABLE 1 KABLE 2 KABLE 3 so on each adding a new type of behavior well til next time cya

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okay as you all know im 12 so this quetion might be pretty darn wierd but does any one know a good college in the state of california that i can get a REAL good EDUCATION on robotics and what field should i go into that deals with robotics like mechanical engineer or electronic engineer or something that deals with robotics email me for sugjestions

This is for The swiriling brain i also do stuff like moving then thinking about how a robot would do it then i would desighn the part for it on paper then put it in my "handy dandy, robo-book"

well people nuthin much to say but......................................................... ............................................................ .. "I FREKIN LOVE FREKIN ROBOTICS ITS GREAT IM SO SMART PEOPLE LOVE ME AT SCHOOL AND I HAVE PROS (girls) ALL OVER ME O YEAH!"

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well people i finished circuting roach, found a problem with the swith to make him anti light mode so i boaught a biger toggle swith from rat shaq and now im ordering parts for snob bot. and so any way, what im doing now is well heres the story i was in rat shaq annd i was about to get some parts when i came across the r/c cars so i bought this army ranger truck that has a rotation fake missle launching motor so i bought it and brought it home and strpied it down and re built it not it just has a rotaional device on the top i used the pressure pump and made a hydrolic unit for it so it looks real cool and i used a ccd 400 ft.camer and added it onto the rotational device ( from i think) but then i saw that 400 ft isnt enough so i went to the r/c hobby shop and bought some more crystals now i think it goes about600 ft. and i had left over crystals so now the r/c car goaes around 705 feet before it is out of range but yeah its pretty cool im adding an arm to it now and some tank treds so it can go under my deck and find money ( im a millinare in pennies LOL!):)

well people let me just start off saying i started one of the bots of the family i started on snob bot iv'e found programming is really hard im in basic ive gotten all the parts and programmed now im just making the circut! bye.

sup robot fans this is the 6th of october im having fun in my almost teeange life i got a pox i think yall should know what that is youve probly seen the commercial for it where it goes "pox............... the battle unseen" well any way i still love robots im gonna start on snob bot at the end of this month it will be my first robot for more info on him at my entry fome the 27th so any wayim going to girls house and stuff and gettin freaky dont tell moms though bye

okay im still waiting for the right time to build my website, the problem is, is that i dont have a scanner let alone a robot to put on the website,BUT!............................ i have figured out the functions for my first robot. his name is gasket and he has some simple opsticle avoidence and pumper switches just in case its dark. my second bot will be SNOBbot the dad of articTB, and lODbot, the mother maidbot. mombot: she can sense cliffs and worries alot about her children and has a wide veriety of vocabulary she will be programmed with basic stamp snobbot: looks for a decent teperture and hes really impatientif he dosent find it in so much time then hell start to complain and curse hes programmed with PIC LODbot: is the first son of snobbot, and mombot he stands for Lord Of darkness he looks for the darkes stob he can find and lights up two leds to make it look like he has glowing eyes the robots personality is hunting he hears loud soundsand looks for it. he gets some program (hes programed with PIC)(genes)from his dad he curses when he cant find darkeness. articTB: is the daughter of snobbot and mombot he gets one program (gene) from her mom the abbility to sense ledges and cliffs. her name stands for artic teen bot she likes cold places and loud noises whenever she hears a loud noise she says something like DBZ is on or party etc. she is programmed with basic stamp just like her mom because of the random command.

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