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I'm interested in robots, robot books and movies and collectibles. I also track robotic news and developments.

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There is some speculation on some cool robot designs here of course based on natures designs. Aardvarks are an interesting choice for a robot design but not without some merrit. As robots in our future become reality we should be looking at these inovative designs and testing them. Although scientists are always working on some very interesting designs like most recently testing a snake like robot that can both go on land or water. I would say this design is most efficient and may preclude us from designing some of speculative designs out there now. Althought there will always be plenty of creativity in the robotic toy industry.

7 Jul 2007 (updated 7 Jul 2007 at 05:18 UTC) »

Robotic Educational Toys and Stores

Any kind of store provides the platform to choose and buy the various necessary objects required for different purposes. Educational toys are no exception to that. They provide the parents an opportunity, to choose and give their kids the best toy suited to meet their child's playing, and learning needs.

Parents can choose the appropriate toy for their children from the large number of toy stores spread all over the country. Most of these stores have a tie up with the various toy manufacturing companies, and suppliers who provide the latest and most popular toys to their store. However, some of them may serve as the retail outlet of their own production house.

Most of these stores offer a number of departments to choose a toy from. Toys are usually sorted according to age groups, the type of the toy (such as construction toys, puzzles, dolls, or arts and crafts). Most of them have different section for boys and girls, to classify the toys according to gender specification. In case parents prefer any particular brand of toys, some stores sort the toys according to the brand and company name. Good store organization makes shopping easier and more comfortable for the customers.

Toys can be ordered directly online, through the Web sites of these stores, or by visiting their retail store locations. The payment and the delivery policies may vary from one store to another, depending on their terms and conditions. Prices may vary according to the brand, the age group it is made for, the materials used, and the different functionalities of the toy. However, parents are advised to compare, and check the different toys offered, by the various stores before buying the toy that would suit their child perfectly. There are many sources for educational toys and not all of them are robotic. But some of the best educational toys are robots. They should be considered a standard part of any educational toy line up, afterall robotics is the next big industry and you want your kids ready for it. This doesn't mean your kids have to build robots but it may mean that you just get robot themed products like board games or other things.

17 Jun 2007 (updated 17 Jun 2007 at 07:06 UTC) »
Robot Wars is an event where various robotic gladiators come head to head and duke it out using various destructive weapons. The winner of a Robot War is the owner of the robot left operational in a battle. Robot Wars first started as the brainchild of Marc Thorpe. The Robot Wars Show then grew on to become a television hit because of its ratings-drawing mix of action, chaos, destruction, future and reality. Many people are just plain fascinated with the concept of destruction.

Robot Galdiators? How quickly we have fallen into our old Roman ways. Battle robots aren't quite toys in the traditional sense, they are more of serious hobby. They're a great way to learn how to build a robot. There is still lots of fun involved with battle bots but it can be an expesive hobby. I'm suprised that DARPA doesn't have a competition on this yet although they maybe taking a keen interest in the competitions

The Benefits of Robotic Toys and Kits

To know more about robot kits, here is a list of some of the available kits that you can try out:

1. Beginner Robot Kits

As the name implies, these robot kits are especially made for those who are still new to robotics. These kits are specially designed to educate and orient those people who are interested to try robotics. The process is so easy that even nine-year old children can try building these kits.

For as low as $16.99, children, who are 9 years and older, can already start creating their very own robots. The Owi Turbo 3000 Robot Kit is one of those monster trucks that can provide your children with more features than just a toy. It has three styles of driving force: air propulsion, direct motor drive, and the solar power. But the latter is optional.

This type of robot kit is particularly made for most school projects, robotic classes, or as gifts for young tikes.

2. Intermediate Robot Kits

These robot kits are principally made for robot hobbyist who has advance knowledge in robotics. This means that they have already gained some experience in building and utilizing robots.

The most expensive robot kit is the Owi WAO Kranius Robot Kit. Priced at $139.99, this particular robot kit can be played by children who are at least 10 years old.

Unlike the other robot kits, this is a programmable robot. This robot can be easily programmed to do some particular tasks without the aid of a computer. Its logical brain entails a keyboard with 33-tactile buttons and a micro-controller that has an 8-bit capacity.

The Owi WAO Kranius Robot Kit is highly recommended for people who are more inclined to improving their awareness and understanding of robot programming.

3. Advanced Robot Kits

Advance robot kits employ more complicated designs and structures and require more knowledge in robotics. Most advanced robot kits are humanoid robots, meaning they almost resemble the human structure. Most advance robot kits have two-legged and two-handed structures already.

And because they are already considered as humanoids, these robot kits can actually run, walk, rotate, and can perform simple task like what humans can do. However, their main control is through a personal computer or an ATMEL ATmega128.

The Megarobotics MGR-K2017 Humanoid Robot Kit is the most expensive robot kit under this category. Priced at $2,299.99, this robot kit can offer more than your usual domestic robot.

4. Solar & Beam robot Kits

If you want to have some fun and enjoy playing with robots while enjoying the sun, try the solar and beam robot kits. They mainly feed on the suns rays. Solar energy gives them the power to continuously operate.

Robots in Our Future

Just over a year after the cancellation of Sony's Aibo and Qrio, Anybot a robotics company in California released a video their prototype robots on the internet. Actually I came across the video of their robot on Youtube while researching another robotics company. The robot approaches human level of walking with it's break through technology. When I first saw it I thought it looked a little clumsy compared to Qrio or the Honda robot, Asimo, but it's just learning how to walk, like us. This technology puts it ahead of other robots and it will be possible to negotiate any terrain. Currently its far from being a robotic toy and it looks like it will be a while before we have a commercially available product. I'm betting we see a entertianment based version first and it's on the horizon and the horizon seems to be getting closer, faster than ever before.


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