17 Jun 2007 JohnN   » (Apprentice)

Robot Wars is an event where various robotic gladiators come head to head and duke it out using various destructive weapons. The winner of a Robot War is the owner of the robot left operational in a battle. Robot Wars first started as the brainchild of Marc Thorpe. The Robot Wars Show then grew on to become a television hit because of its ratings-drawing mix of action, chaos, destruction, future and reality. Many people are just plain fascinated with the concept of destruction.

Robot Galdiators? How quickly we have fallen into our old Roman ways. Battle robots aren't quite toys in the traditional sense, they are more of serious hobby. They're a great way to learn how to build a robot. There is still lots of fun involved with battle bots but it can be an expesive hobby. I'm suprised that DARPA doesn't have a competition on this yet although they maybe taking a keen interest in the competitions

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