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The Benefits of Robotic Toys and Kits

To know more about robot kits, here is a list of some of the available kits that you can try out:

1. Beginner Robot Kits

As the name implies, these robot kits are especially made for those who are still new to robotics. These kits are specially designed to educate and orient those people who are interested to try robotics. The process is so easy that even nine-year old children can try building these kits.

For as low as $16.99, children, who are 9 years and older, can already start creating their very own robots. The Owi Turbo 3000 Robot Kit is one of those monster trucks that can provide your children with more features than just a toy. It has three styles of driving force: air propulsion, direct motor drive, and the solar power. But the latter is optional.

This type of robot kit is particularly made for most school projects, robotic classes, or as gifts for young tikes.

2. Intermediate Robot Kits

These robot kits are principally made for robot hobbyist who has advance knowledge in robotics. This means that they have already gained some experience in building and utilizing robots.

The most expensive robot kit is the Owi WAO Kranius Robot Kit. Priced at $139.99, this particular robot kit can be played by children who are at least 10 years old.

Unlike the other robot kits, this is a programmable robot. This robot can be easily programmed to do some particular tasks without the aid of a computer. Its logical brain entails a keyboard with 33-tactile buttons and a micro-controller that has an 8-bit capacity.

The Owi WAO Kranius Robot Kit is highly recommended for people who are more inclined to improving their awareness and understanding of robot programming.

3. Advanced Robot Kits

Advance robot kits employ more complicated designs and structures and require more knowledge in robotics. Most advanced robot kits are humanoid robots, meaning they almost resemble the human structure. Most advance robot kits have two-legged and two-handed structures already.

And because they are already considered as humanoids, these robot kits can actually run, walk, rotate, and can perform simple task like what humans can do. However, their main control is through a personal computer or an ATMEL ATmega128.

The Megarobotics MGR-K2017 Humanoid Robot Kit is the most expensive robot kit under this category. Priced at $2,299.99, this robot kit can offer more than your usual domestic robot.

4. Solar & Beam robot Kits

If you want to have some fun and enjoy playing with robots while enjoying the sun, try the solar and beam robot kits. They mainly feed on the suns rays. Solar energy gives them the power to continuously operate.

Robots in Our Future

Just over a year after the cancellation of Sony's Aibo and Qrio, Anybot a robotics company in California released a video their prototype robots on the internet. Actually I came across the video of their robot on Youtube while researching another robotics company. The robot approaches human level of walking with it's break through technology. When I first saw it I thought it looked a little clumsy compared to Qrio or the Honda robot, Asimo, but it's just learning how to walk, like us. This technology puts it ahead of other robots and it will be possible to negotiate any terrain. Currently its far from being a robotic toy and it looks like it will be a while before we have a commercially available product. I'm betting we see a entertianment based version first and it's on the horizon and the horizon seems to be getting closer, faster than ever before.

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