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19 Oct 2004 (updated 19 Oct 2004 at 22:01 UTC) »

See you at RoboNexus!!

I will be at "Robotics Socierty of America booth" with my new version of C1(R001) biped robot.

hear is new video clip

Slow move (MOV 980K)
standing up 1 (MOV 530K)
standing up 2 (MOV 520K)

R001 Specification

 Height 	29cm (11inch)
 Width	14cm (5.5inch)
 Depth 	5.5cm (2inch)
 Weight 	950g (2.2lb)

Actuators 21 DOF(Degree of Freedom)

Sensor 2 Gyro sensor 2-axis accelerometer sensor.

Software (Development Tools) JSR-SDK V1.0 with GCC

Processor ATML ATmega128@16Mhz

so See you at RoboNexus

Hi All

I just add new video clip and update C1.

Hi Jerry Woods. Thank's for asking.

This is a bit old model video clip but I hope you can enjoy.



4 Jun 2004 (updated 4 Jun 2004 at 23:28 UTC) »
31 May 2004 (updated 31 May 2004 at 17:48 UTC) »

Hello All.

I just uploaded my Biped Humanoid Robot pictures at 61/R/Robot/C1/

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