19 Nov 2002 Jimm   » (Observer)

Boy, it has been a long time since i was here. most of my projects have also been put on hold, but i am hoping to get more time to play soon. Work has kept me busy with projects. Among the things i have completed recently are a 8 channel strain gage amplifier, fixing a S-100 Fanuc robot, and teaching electronics and machining to students. Some of the items of interest i am working on now at the college is a distiller (for water only of course), and a rotary air valve for a robotic are we are developing. the swith itself is interesting. It is supposed to allow a 50/50 air flow split between the output to the pneumatic piston and the exhaust. the purpose of this is to simulate the twitching of your arm when you hold something heavy. i considered using a standard electronics air valve, but the response time was to slow. Plus the rotary valve, since it is motor driven, allows near infinite frequency choices for the arms movement. I will post some pictures of the arm and associated set-up once it is completed. But it will be a while, since I have to machine the whole thing out of 6061 aluminum.

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