3 Jul 2005 JamesBruton   » (Master)

Started another whole new android this weekend. Number 6 will remain for various stuff although I might seperate it's arms and legs into two machines...

The new one will be my main constuction focus for now; this android is kind of a cross between 3 and 6. It has quite similar legs to 3 but will use wiper motors in the body pulling cables to the leg joints so it can be more spindly than 6. This is why it's called 'Mr Stick Legs'.

I am trying to reduce the motor count from five to three for walking and also build in the ability to rotate the legs so it can walk around corners and turn on the spot. Because the legs don't have any motors mounted in them they are also able to bend further and so it should be able to go up steps/stairs. The body will also hinge at the waist so it can shift its centre of gravity forwards and backwards.

It's all here

Although mainly it's just some stick-legs at the moment...

more coming soon.

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