10 Jul 2006 JamesBruton   » (Master)

All my android projects are on hold for now as I'm spending most of my free time working on www.914pcbots.com. Despite it not looking any different at the moment we are working on a new look and feel which will be launched shortly.

c6jones720 is doing most of the new artwork for the site, we spoke to Tom Burick - the man himself, founder of White Box robotics the other night. He has a very clear idea of where he's heading, from the site appearance, to the future of robotics and taking over the world with the PC Bot!.

To anyone who's wondering, there certainly is a PC Bot product that will appear shortly, despite it having been 'around the corner' for some time - this is because the product is quite unique and must be right first time to make the right impact.

Watch this space and check www.914pcbots.com over the next month or so for updates.

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